Services & Training

BUILDING fitter, stronger, and more resilient people.


All are welcome at EMP!

We cater for all athletic and training abilities, and harness state-of-the-art training equipment and methods to make sure you are getting the best individualised training and care.

All programs begin with a free Initial Consultation which includes a comprehensive Strength and Movement Assessment and goal setting.

EMP offers a variety of training modes to fit your lifestyle, schedule, and budget;

  • Face to face training

  • Online training

  • Dual mode

Strength & power

Aerobic & anaerobic conditioning

Body composition

Injury prevention & rehabilitation

For all return-to-perform and rehabilitation, pre-season, and in-season periods.

We perform Strength and Movement Assessments to give you a perfect idea of your physical capabilities, strengths, and deficits.

We use Vald Force Technologies and video analysis to assess:

  • Force and power production

  • Body symmetry

  • Movement mechanics

Strength and Movement Assessments are a standard inclusion in an Initial Consultation.